Catholic, But Not Roman; Orthodox, But Not Eastern


What If There Were Another Valid Catholic Church?

What If That Other Catholic Church Was More In Line With What You Believe?

What if there were a valid Catholic Church that allowed priests to marry, where divorce was not treated like an unforgiveable sin, where birth control and contraception were regarded as a personal decision and a matter of individual conscience, where divorced and remarried individuals were still allowed access to the Sacraments, where EVERY baptized individual were welcomed to receive the Eucharist, a Catholic Church that was “open and affirming,” where women were ordained as deacons, priests, and bishops, and where you were welcomed just as you are, regardless of who you are? What if such a Catholic Church existed? Would you be interested? Would you like to know more about it?

Most American Catholics Believe That:

Such a Catholic Church Does Indeed Exist!

It is The Old Catholic Church! The Old Catholic Church has maintained valid Apostolic Succession, administers valid Sacraments, and is guided by Holy Tradition and Holy Scripture ”” a church that is not Protestant or a “break away” church, but is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CATHOLIC in its tradition, practice, and theology?

Even The Roman Catholic Church Admits That The Old Catholic Church Is Valid

The Roman Catholic Church agrees that the ministry and Sacraments of The Old Catholic Church are valid. The Old Catholic Church has maintained valid Apostolic Succession and uses Roman liturgy. In fact, The Roman Catholic Church and The Old Catholic Church are nearly identical in much of their tradition, worship, and doctrine. There are only two doctrinal differences that separate them.

Every American Catholic Needs To Learn About The Old Catholic Church

Father R. Joseph Owles presents a basic introduction to The Old Catholic Church. In its pages he explains what the Old Catholic Church is, where it comes from, what it believes, and how to learn more about it. This introduction is concise, but full of useful information. This book is useful for Roman Catholics who are dismayed at the rate of progress and change in their church, Roman Catholics who may be divorced and feel excluded from their church and its Sacraments, or anyone interested in Church History and learning about a Fully Catholic alternative to the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more about The Old Catholic Church?

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  1. Interesting! 🙂 Hope to find out more information on that Christian group! 🙂

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