People have been led to think that all they need is faith. Faith is important, but it is what you do with faith that matters! A person could have a freezer and refrigerator full of food, but unless that person takes the food out, and turns it into a meal, that person can still starve. Having food is not what keeps you from starving; EATING food is what keeps you from starving. You can have more food than you could ever want, but if you do not eat it, then you are no different than someone who has no food at all.

Faith is like that. I often say that faith is like money – it has to be spent. Of course you need food to eat food, and you need money to spend money. But the having is not where the power is. The power is in the using – the eating, the spending.

Imagine having a million dollars and looking at your bills each month and saying: “I don’t understand it. I have all this money and the bills still keep coming.” Nobody thinks that bills stop coming because you have a lot of money. More bills may come. But you have a lot of money so you do not worry about those bills. You spend your money and you have what you want, what you need, and you still have plenty of money left over. Having money is important, but spending money is power.

So the problem you may be having is not a lack of faith, or that prayer does not work, or even that God is saying “No” to your prayers. The problem may simply be that you do not know how to spend your faith.

I am going to let you in on a little secret that apparently many religious people do not want you to know: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING RICH!

I know there is often a poverty fetish among Christians, especially among Catholics. We often consider poverty a spiritual discipline and a noble pursuit. Of course, we want it for others and not for ourselves. Yet, even though we may not have taken vows of poverty, the poverty fetish that is rampant within many denominations makes us feel self-conscious or bad or even greedy for wanting to have money.

Money is not good or bad, it is a tool. It is the tool this world uses to get things done. To be religious and take a vow to go without money is like being a carpenter and taking a vow to go without a hammer. Hurting people to get money is bad. Using money to hurt people is bad. Having money for the sake of having money can be bad and may be idolatry. But having money is not bad. Having money is the best way to help others in this world. That is just the way it is.

Here is a second secret that many religious people do not want you to know: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BEG GOD TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED, OR EVEN WHAT YOU WANT!

Many Christians spend all their time trying to convince God to make it His will to give them what they need. Many other Christians have decided that God does not want them to have what they want, or even to be happy. Many Christians have decided that what they have (or the lack they have) is God’s will for them. But the Bible says that God does not play favorites, so if it is God’s will for you to be broke or sick or lonely, then it is God’s will for everyone to be broke, or sick, or lonely. Look around the world. Is EVERYONE broke, or sick, or lonely? No? then it must not be God’s will for everyone to be broke, or sick, or lonely – and if it is God’s will for some or most to be broke, or sick, or lonely, then God is playing favorites.

So let’s begin at a different starting point. Instead of deciding that our default setting is to have nothing, or to be sick, or to be lonely, let’s instead decide that our default setting is to have abundance: abundant wealth, abundant good health, and abundant relationships. Let’s decide that having abundance is God’s will; therefore, if we do not have abundance, then there is a problem.

Another little secret is that God wants you to be happy! That is God’s will FOR YOU: TO BE HAPPY! Claim it for yourself and live it!

Just having faith is not going to make you happy any more than just having food is going to make you full. You need to do something with that faith. You need to spend that faith.

God wants you to get what you need, but you have to get it. I may want you to eat. I may give you the means to go out and buy food. But you are the one who has to do the shopping.

Just as there is a process of getting what you need by shopping in a store, there is also a process of getting what you need by faith. BIBLICAL FAITH: WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO USE IT lays out a step-by-step process that will help you use your faith in a way to get what you need. It will help you to learn how to pray and get results.

For the cost of a few dollars, you will be sowing the seeds that will yield a rich harvest for you. This is information you will want for yourself, and want to teach your friends and family.

Click on the book cover and get your copy today!





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