For Sinners Only — February 18


Sin poisoned my life. Sin poisoned my relationships with family and friends. It poisoned my dreams and aspirations. It poisoned my happiness and self-respect. There was no part of my life that was untouched and untainted by sin.

No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to rid my life from sin. The more I exerted my own will, the more I sinned, and the sicker I became. But with God’s help I am free from sin. I have trained myself to view sin as poison. By the simple act of Surrender to God’s will, and no longer exerting my will, I have found the strength to avoid sin, to say no to temptation, and to sin less. I am going to keep training my mind to do this. It is not God’s will for me to poison myself; therefore, the choice to sin is settled the moment I turn my will over to God. When I sacrifice my will and replace it with God’s will, I give up the right and the power to make certain choices – choices like giving into temptation. The only decision I have to make each day is whether I am going to Surrender to God’s will today. If I decide to Surrender, then all the other decisions and cares for my day are God’s to make for me, not mine to make for myself.

I have to constantly remind myself that my will has been distorted by sin. It has been twisted and bent by sin to sin. And the more I sin, the more my will becomes distorted. My own will has become my disease! I cannot treat my disease by using more of the disease as a cure. We do not treat cancer by giving someone more cancer. Therefore, I cannot use my own will to arrest my spiritual disease. The only solution for my disease is God’s will.

Today I will Surrender to God’s will. I will link my frail and finite being to The Being, who has limitless power and infinite existence. When I Surrender to the will of God, I Surrender to love. I cannot love alone, and I cannot be self-centered and call it love. I must live with others and be other-centered. I do not have to make grand gestures or passionate appeals. I simply have to do the little things before me and calmly place all of the difficulties and worries I may face this day into God’s hands.

Do I accept that my will is my disease and that the only remedy for this disease is to Surrender to God’s will for me?

God, I place all of my concerns and cares into your hands. I ask for the strength to leave them there. Let me be reminded throughout the day that you are in charge of my life and that I have given you the power to make all my decisions for me. Take my will and keep it until it becomes a perfect mirror of your will. Amen.


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