For Sinners Only — February 20


How many times have we heard “It’s fun to be bad,” or “It feels a little good to be a little bad”? In my life I have committed sinful acts there were essentially harmless – little white lies, pranks, and the like. I have also committed sinful acts that were devastating to myself and to others. Any sin, even those I may justify as harmless and “good-natured” are opportunities for sin to take hold in my life. As the Chinese classic, the Tao Te Ching, says: “A tree can grow so large that a man is unable to put his arms around it; yet, it began as a tiny sapling. The largest building begins with a single brick. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The biggest sins may begin with tiny, “harmless” action or words. A tiny sin still distorts the will, bending it toward sin, so that over time it is easier and easier to commit bigger and bigger sins.

I have the choice whether I sin or not. No one can make me sin and temptation does not require me to sin. It is a choice I make. I know that God wants me not to sin, so when I do sin, it is me making the choice to take my will back from God. It is a declaration that I know better than God what His will should be for me in the moment, or that I just do not care about God or His will because they stand in the way of something I want. If I sacrifice God for something I want, not only am I negating God’s will, but I am making an idol – the thing I want replaces God, even if it is for only a moment.

I can depend on God to supply me with all the power I need to face any situation and to resist any temptation. All I have to do is simply believe in that power and to honestly ask to receive it. I can then take steps that conform to what I believe God wants for me and be the person God wants me to be. I have made the choice to let God handle all my affairs and to make the tough decisions, even those decisions I want to make for myself in those moments of temptation.

My life has become God’s business – I am the employee and God is the boss. I may still have responsibilities in managing some of the day to day business of my life, but God is the boss who makes the decisions. Both God and I want the business to be successful, so I can trust that God will make the right choices that ensure success. In those areas that are hard to manage, or where I am not sure what I am to do, I can those matters to God, who will cooperate with me to ensure the right decisions are made and the best course of action is planned.

Can I accept that the main business of my life is to let God be the Boss and can I be a good employee and do what God asks of me without complaint or resentment?

God, I believe that you are ready and willing to supply me with all that I need. I only ask for faith in you and the power to face any situation that you send my way. Your will be done. Amen.


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