For Sinners Only — February 21


Reading the Bible, prayer, quiet reflection, and finding ways to be helpful to others without expecting anything in return are all things I do to keep my will in check. This is especially true when I realize that my own spirituality tends to grow stronger and faster when I am not so much focused on my own spiritual development as when I am helping another with theirs. When I am only concerned with my own spiritual development, simple things like reading the Bible, taking time to pray, spending time reading devotionals all can begin to feel like chores. Yet, when I focus my spiritual activity to helping others grow, that same Bible Study and prayer that once felt like a chore begins to become dynamic and alive. A spirituality that serves Christ is a spirituality that serves others.

I have to remember that my own will has become my own enemy. It has been twisted by sin, and if I give it any room to operate in my life, then sin begins to take over my life once more. Because my will has been twisted by sin, serving my will serves the enemy who is the author of sin and who seeks to oppose God. Surrendering my will and accepting the will of God is the most important thing I can do today. I believe that as long as I place my reliance on God’s will above everything else, I will be prepared to face any temptation or difficulty that may arise.

The only decision I have to make today is whether I will give my will to God or not. If I give my will to God, then God makes all the decisions. If I do not, then I make all the decisions and I go back to being the person I used to be – the person I did not like and wanted to change.

Living with God’s will means that the only thing I have to do today is to keep calm and be happy. There is no evil, no problem, no thing that can stop God from acting in my life and overcoming my difficulties. Only I can limit God’s power in my life! Therefore, I will be on the lookout for any spiritual unrest that I may feel. Disturbances of the spirit or the soul are more dangerous to me than earthquakes or fire. When I find that the calm of my spirit has been broken, I must retreat to some quiet place and be alone with God. In the turmoil I become frustrated and confused and may allow sin and self-will to enter back into my life. In the chaos I may find myself serving evil instead of serving God. So I retreat to quiet and calm, spend some time alone with God, and rededicate myself to His will.

Are there places in my life where I am spiritually troubled and what is keeping me from doing what I know I can do to alleviate that feeling of spiritual disturbance?

God, I pray that no emotional upsets will block or limit your power in my life. Let me always trust in your will, so that my spirit will remain untroubled and I may always keep calm and be at peace.


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