For Sinners Only — February 22

Image              I can take an inventory of all the good things that have come to me through Surrendering my life to God’s will. To begin with, there is an overall sense of peace in my life today. I have found a sanity in God’s will that had always eluded me when living in my will. My relationships with family and friends, acquaintances and co-workers are much improved. Many relationships that were lost have been restored. I am able to be a genuine friend to others, and as a result, I have friends who are genuine and always ready to help.

I have learned the most important lesson of my life: I must trust God to the best of my ability. My doubts and fears continually drive me away from God, or if not from God, they drive me away from the good God would bring into my life. How much sooner would the Children of Israel entered into the Promised Land if they would have only trusted in God? An entire generation wandered and perished in the wilderness because of their doubts and fears. My doubts, my fear, my will keep me wandering in a wilderness instead of settling in God’s Promise. I must trust in God’s will and in God’s love for me. It will never fail me, but I may fail it by letting my doubts and fears get the better of me. My doubts and fears are a product of my self-will, and my will can block God’s power and grace in my life. I must trust God in all things and continually ask the Lord to increase my faith and strengthen my trust. I must be like the desperate father who says to Jesus: “Lord, I believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!”

Do I trust my doubts and fears more than I trust in God’s will and God’s love for me?


Lord, let me live today the way you want me to live. Let me leap into the river of your will and not fight against its current, but relax and float in the flow of your blessing and peace. Amen.


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