For Sinners Only — February 23

Image                Today I have new-found faith in God. I had always believed that God existed, and I had always had faith in God on some level or in certain areas of my life. But now, I have a complete trust and reliance on God. In the past, my faith in God often seemed as an obstacle in getting what I wanted, or in keeping what I had. Now I see God as the only means to get what I want. God’s will used to feel like a punishment. It felt like when I was a child and my mother told me to clean my room. When I resisted, she would tell me: “You’re going to do it and you’re going to like it!” That is what God’s will felt like to me. God’s will no longer feels like a chore or a punishment. It is my source of peace. The only thing I have to fear is the God who wants me not to fear Him. When difficulties or fears crop up in my life, I immediately quell them by saying to God: “Your will be done.” From that second on, it is no longer my business. It is in God’s hands and by placing it in God’s hands, I have given up my right to worry about it or to try an control it.

Surrendering my life to God has not made my life any less busy. Whether I am running the show, or whether God is running the show, life can have moments that are hectic, stressful, chaotic and confusing. Yet, even in the busiest of days, life is filled with joys. I often prefer to have a busy life because it is distracting. I do not have to be alone with my thoughts. I can lose myself in the many demands and details of the busy day. Yet, I know that distractions, even happiness, are not always the same thing as healing. The healing of my spirit comes from a daily, direct contact with God. Although I may live in the business of the day, my healing contact with God can be found in moments of calm and quiet. The small, still voice of God may be drowned out in the loud, busy noise of the world. I begin and end my day with quiet time to be with God, and I find times throughout the day to listen to God whispering to the quiet of my soul.

Do I set aside time each day to listen for God’s voice and guidance?

O God, let me stay in close contact with you all through this day. When I am agitated, worried, selfish, or afraid, let me immediately realize it and find a quiet place to reconnect with you and your will. Let your still small voice be to me as a shouting on the roof tops. Amen.


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