For Sinners Only — February 24


There is sometimes a temptation to think that when I was living in self-will and sin that I was outside of God’s grace, and now that I am striving to live in God’s will I have become the recipient of God’s grace in a way I once lacked. I hear this sentiment uttered by others when they look at another and say: “There but for the grace of God go I.” I was never without God’s grace, and I possess no more grace now. The difference today is my awareness of my need and my want for God’s grace. God’s grace has always been active in my life, but I would often dismiss it, choosing instead my own grace and my own wants. But God’s grace was always there, sometimes working in my life in ways I did not perceive, sometimes enticing me to a new way of living, sometimes as the harsh consequences that made me evaluate how I was living. God’s grace has always been constant in my life.

If my life today appears to have more grace in it, it is because I have not only accepted my need for God’s grace, and I have not only accepted my passionate desire for God’s grace, but I have multiplied that grace through sharing it with others! Just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish by sharing the little He and the disciples had, so too I multiply the grace and love given to me by sharing it with others. Today I share my love, my joy, my happiness, my time, my food, my money, my everything and my all with those whom God puts in my path this day. The Lord promises that I will receive a hundredfold of what I freely give, but the hundredfold I receive may be repaid in grace, peace, love, joy. I may not be able to buy back my soul if I were to lose it by trying to win over the world, but it is nice to know that I can purchase moments of grace and peace and happiness simply by sharing all that I am and all that I have with another.

Today, I will accept that everyone I see and meet and encounter have been sent to me by God. I will treat them all as honored guests, since God has thought it important enough to place them in my life. I will strive to reflect God’s grace and love to all I meet by being honest, unselfish, faithful and loving.

Am I depending on God’s grace, or am I still trying to rely on my own grace as live this day?

Lord, animate me with your love and grace, so that I not only treat all who enter into my life today as a guest, but that I make each person feel so welcomed in my life that they will want to return. I ask, Lord, that I never send anyone away empty-handed, but that I give everyone what they need, even if it is as simple as a smile or a kind word. My I never cause ANYONE to feel unwelcomed or unwanted. Amen.


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