For Sinners Only — February 25


Some people refuse to accept their need to rely on a power greater than themselves. This is just as true within the church, and among those who say they believe in God as it is among atheists and agnostics. Many Christians and many who refrain from organized religion, but who still claim to believe in a God of their own understanding, have never made a decision to Surrender their wills and lives over to the care of God. On the contrary, they turn their lives over to the care of their own self-will, and as a result, they often turn their will over to the care of sin.

A witness of a believer in God who is still trying to run the show is often a witness of frustration and chaos. It is the witness of someone who is tossed about by powerful passions and emotions as a tiny ship is tossed about by the wind and the waves. How can I be a witness to the power of Christ to change lives if I am committed to living the same old life I have always lived – a life run by a self-will that was usually motivated by selfishness and fear? The fact is that even atheists and agnostics can manifest profoundly changed lives if they can only find and rely on a power greater than themselves – it need not even be God. If those who do not believe in God can have changed lives simply by no longer relying on their own wills, but by relying on the will of something greater than themselves, then this is even more true for the person who believes in God. Believers in God not only CAN have profound spiritual experiences that lead to profoundly changed lives, they SHOULD be having them and helping others to have them as well!

It is not too difficult for me to accept the idea of a power greater than myself. My life is filled with many things that are more powerful than I am. I cannot create life out of nothing. I cannot stop death. There is much over which I am powerless. I am even powerless over sin. I have made resolutions and commitments not to sin, or not to sin in certain ways, only to fall into sin before the day was over. Sin is a power greater than myself, and I need another power greater than me to be the remedy for sin. That power, for me, is God, as He is expressed through Jesus Christ, and made known to me through the Holy Spirit. I am powerless over sin and my life had become unmanageable; but have come to believe in a power greater than myself who can rescue me from sin and lead me back into sanity; so I have Surrendered my will (the driving force within me) and my life (my thoughts, actions, and feelings) over to that Higher Power. Jesus Christ has already taken care of my sin problem!

Who is taking care of my sin problem – am I still relying on myself and my will, or am I relying solely on God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit?

Heavenly Father, I am powerless over sin and I am powerless over my desire to sin. So I am turning all my sins – past, present, and future – over to you. I Surrender myself to you for you to use me and my life as you see fit. Keep me in your grace and in your love. Amen.


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