For Sinners Only — February 26

Image               When I begin to rely on a Power greater than myself, I come into a contact with a something that I can turn to for help no matter what I am experiencing. I begin my contact every morning upon rising from bed. I dedicate my day to Him and Surrender all that I am and all that I have for Him to use. If I end the day with what I started with, then it is because God has saw fit to bestow all that I have given to Him back to me. But no matter what I have at the end of the day – the same, more, or less – I have what I have by God’s grace. My contact continues with reading the Bible, devotionals, and other spiritual readings. Then there is quiet time when I seek God’s guidance. I ask God to remove my desire to sin, to exert my own will, and to rebel against His will in any way. Then I go about my day, reminding myself throughout that it is God’s will, not mine, running the show. At the end of the day, I think God for all that I am and all that I have. I quickly review my day to see where I have been dishonest, unfaithful, selfish, and unloving. I trust that God overlooks where I have fallen short if I admit my shortcomings and ask for His forgiveness, and if I am willing to admit my faults to those whose forgiveness I need.

Today I focus more on my spiritual needs more than I do on my material needs. God is Spirit, and I am spirit and flesh, but when the spirit leaves my body, the flesh dies. Everything in the universe has a spiritual foundation that motivates it and maintains it. The spiritual is the force behind the material. So as I focus on my spiritual needs for the day, I pray for faith as a thirsty man in a desert prays for water. I pray for the confidence of faith to know that God will never fail me or abandon me in my time of need. I find that when I put my spiritual development first, my material needs are met – I just do not always have the faith to know it.

Do I have the confidence of faith to know that God will never fail me or abandon me in my time of need?

Heavenly Father, let me realize today that I have all that I need. My doubt and fear often causes me to see lack and abandonment as I imagine the future, so I need you, Lord, to remind me that you are Lord of my future, the savior of my past, and the one who sustains my present. Amen.


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