No One Should Wait Nearly A Year For This One: For Sinners Only — January 25


When I used to rely on my own will and my own power, I was rarely at peace. There were always too many balls in the air from trying to juggle too many things. There was always something else to worry about or to try to control. I had at times convinced myself that I could effect change in the world and in others simply by willing that change into being. I exerted my will to find peace, but the peace for which I continuously searched always eluded me.

I believe now that the complete Surrender of every part of myself and my life to God is the only way to achieve real and lasting peace. For so many years I had allowed myself to be convinced that life is supposed to be hard and it is meant to be a struggle. Many people I know accept the hardships of life by clinging to a belief of rewards in the next life. Jesus Christ has told us that the Kingdom of God has come near. It is not some far away reality that we cannot get to in this life, or merely something we get when we die, but it is close to us at every single moment of every single day. Depending on the translation, the Kingdom of God is among us, or within us. Maybe it is hard to translate because it is both – simultaneously within us and among us and still coming.

This means, for me, that when Jesus makes promises about the coming Kingdom, He is not making promises about something I have to die to experience, but something that is within me, among me, and becoming more real and manifest more and more all the time. In His Father’s house there are many mansions prepared for each one of us. That means something for me right now as well as in the future. The Kingdom is described as mansions, banquets, jeweled buildings, and streets paved with gold. That is the same Kingdom that is within me and among me that is becoming more real, more manifest, more tangible with the passing of each second. The only think I have to do is stop trusting in my own power, and Surrender to God’s will.

Have I gotten over depending on my own will, or do I still run the show?

Lord, let me do your will today. Give me courage, when I am afraid to trust you, to take a leap of faith. Lead me to eternal life in your Kingdom, and let that Kingdom dwell within me and among me, becoming more and more real each day, all the days of my life. Amen.


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