For Sinners Only: Changing Your Life One Day At A Time — February 28


The biblical description of sin is that it is not simply a choice I may make, but it is a force that acts upon me. Sin is both the spiritual disease and the symptom. It is not simply a moral failing because even in those moments when I choose to sin, the sin I choose may be a manifestation of the illness – the spiritual malady that is sin. Yet, there is a treatment for this illness. The progressive disease of sin can be arrested and the spiritual sickness can go into remission.

The remedy for this condition is God’s will. When I get to that point where I realize that I am powerless over sin, and that trying to control my own sin only seems to make me sin more, I am faced with only to options: one is to completely abandon myself to sin, the other is to completely abandon myself to God. The first option is not a remedy and allows the progressive nature of the illness to advance, making me and every part of my life sicker over time. The second option of abandoning myself to God is the only remedy that can arrest the progressive nature of my disease, and cause it to go into remission.

I accept today that my sin problem is out of my hands and in the hands of God. I do not have to worry about it or even think about it. If I do not completely turn my will and life over to God each day, then the chances are that sin will become a problem again. If I do not trust God with my problem, then I will reach out and take my problem back again. Once I make it my problem again, I also take back that old life I have worked so hard to change. So I can trust God and progress in my recovery, or I can trust in myself and progress in my illness. Those are the only options. Either God is everything or God is nothing. I am either moving closer to God and away from sin, or I am moving closer to sin and away from God.

Do I trust God to take care of my sin problem for me?

Lord, let me spend more time today alone with you. Let these moments when I am alone with you give me an abundance of strength and joy – strength so that I can endure in my work, and joy so that I will be motivated to keep working. Amen.


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