The Disciple’s Handbook

A disciple is more than a “learner” or a “follower.” The word in English that may best capture the meaning of the word is “apprentice.” An apprentice spends time with a mentor, watches what the mentor does, how the mentor does it, attempts to mimic the mentor, and over time, possesses the same skills and expertise as the mentor. That is what the disciples do. A disciple, by definition, is someone who learns how to be like Jesus Christ.

To assist with that end, this book includes:

• The Parable of the Growing Seed.
• The Five Discourses in Matthew.
• The Sermon on the Plain.
• Parables in Luke.
• The Farewell Discourse in John.
• Teachings of Peter, John, James, Paul, and Stephen.
• The Didache (The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles).
• The Creeds
• Summaries of the Seven Ecumenical Councils.
• A Rule of Saint Benedict for Beginners.
• The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.
• A Collection of Prayers.

For two-thousand years, there have been disciples of Jesus Christ. This book is for the disciples living today and for those who hear the call to discipleship.



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