Bishop R. Joseph Owles…

Is a Freelance Writer and Blogger;

Is a bishop in the Primitive Catholic Church;

Is a hospice chaplain in Salem County, NJ;

Can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RJOwles

Serves as the Theologian to the Presiding Bishop of The North American Old Catholic Church;

Served as a Chaplain in the University of Louisville Hospital for CPE in 1995;

Served as the Director of Education and Youth at Anchorage Presbyterian Church;

Founded and head pastor of the Kingdom of God Catholic Church;

Worked for the headquarters of the PC(USA) serving as the Coordinator for their focus The Year With Education;

Awarded the Alan M. Jackson Preaching Award upon completion of his M.Div. Degree;

Is very ecumenical and comfortable with all faiths and people;

Iis a College Professor of History, Political Science, Psychology, Comparative Religions, Philosophy, World Literature, and Writing;

Worked teaching students ranging from pre-school through college;

As a student, assisted a professor with various graduate level courses including Introduction to New Testament Greek; and Introduction to the New Testament, and Greek Exegesis;

Will one day be considered a Saint in the Church, so you may as well get used to calling him one now (that was a joke–sort of. hahaha!);

Bishop R. Joseph Owles seeks to serve the Invisible God by serving those who are made in His image. He is committed to living as a disciple of Jesus Christ. He practices the Spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola as a “Contemplative in Action” who seeks to find God in all things. He also seeks to live the Sermon on the Mount as if it is the instruction manual for disciples of Jesus Christ. He is an author, poet, public speaker, teacher, historian, theologian, New Testament Scholar, theologian, and priest.

He translated the New Testament from Koine Greek into common idiomatic English, which is published under the title The Peace Treaty: A New Translation of the New Testament for a New Millennium, which can be found at:
and Amazon.com, and other retailers.

He also has rendered the Tao Te Ching into English in The Process of Power: Lao Tzu’s Guide to Success, Politics, Governance, and Leadership, which can be found at:
as well as Amazon and other outlets.

Has been published many times over in various literary journals and magazines such as The Bitter Oleander; Westview; Poetrymagazine.com, Earthworm, Women in Cumberland County, Women in Atlantic County, and other.

Bishop R. Joseph Owles is also the founder and pastor of The Kingdom of God Catholic Church (http://www.kogcc.net/), which provides Christian ministry to those who may not have access to a pastor or church ministry. They may be people who are Christian, but have no particular church affiliation or church home. They may be Roman Catholics who have been denied the Sacraments of the Church because of some situation such as divorce. They may be non-Christians who are looking for pastoral care, or traditional services such as weddings, funerals, and baptism


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