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Reigning with Christ

But how will you govern a world
When you cannot govern your own body?

How will you govern nations with Christ 
When you cannot govern your own tongue?


A Story About Grace

I met another man who was naked, poor, and freezing. I offered to him from my bag of blankets and clothes. The man refused because he said he was unworthy to receive any such gift from me or God. He told me that he was a sinner and his suffering was just. He eventually froze to death in spite of all my efforts to provide him with blankets and clothes.


Fundamentalist at my door: Are you saved? Me: (Smiling broadly) That’s a very interesting question. I guess I would have to answer: Yes, I am ALREADY saved, as the Bible says in Romans 8:24 and Ephesians 2:5-8. But, I would also have to say that I am BEING saved as it says in 1 Corinthians […]