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Canaanite Lives Matter!

This woman, who did not have much status if any in the society of the time, who was also hindered by the fact that she was a foreigner, confronted the King of the Jews and reminded him that Canaanite Lives Matter!” And Jesus, confronted by this challenge, agrees.


Good Friday

Jesus said to pray for your enemies, so you better start praying for yourself! When you start talking torture, when you withhold justice, when you withhold food for the hungry, drink to the thirsty, money for the poor, medicine and medical care to the sick, when you hate, when you spend billions on a jet […]

The Sacrifice required of us by God

The Sacrifice required of us by God is no longer the blood of bulls and rams, for Christ, our Passover Sacrifice, has been slain by us — and has become the saving Sacrifice for us. The Sacrifice required of us by God is food for the hungry, money for the poor, medical care for the […]

What People Seem To Think Jesus Said

The Question is not “What Would Jesus Do?” But “What Are We Doing To Jesus?”

I no longer pay for good cable (if there is such a thing). The only reason that I have cable at all is because my modem costs nearly the same amount for a slower speed without cable, so I have basically network tv with a few cable channels I never watch thrown in. All that […]

Convince me that God is Real

The Deification of Jesus ala Ronald Reagan

I think the best argument against the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth, who is called the Christ, would be an appeal to the deification of Ronald Reagan. In the State funeral that was Reagan’s, we as a nation came almost, but not quite, to the point of a contemporary process of declaring a deceased ruler […]