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Don’t Forget to Look For Me on Amazon!

Don’t Forget to Look For Me on Amazon! Take your shoes off, sit a spell, and make yourself at home… Visit me on, where everything has come together. Check out my books, leave a comment.

Thermodynamics and the Potential Fact of God

Every once in a while, someone will try to tell me that the idea of an eternal being, who has neither a beginning, nor an end, is absurd. How can something exist that has no beginning, let alone that cannot be destroyed or end? The logic to support this is something like: “Everything that exists […]

Check out this great new app!

Hey,Check out the The Reverend and Future Saint R. Joseph Ignatius-Francis Owles mobile app I just used! Shared from my mobile app: Powered by Conduit Mobile:

Wherever you go, there you are, so be there!

Dylan is 10 years old and has lived in a vegetative state since birth. Dylan’s parents, Eckhard and Barbara Gerzmehle, care for him around the clock and machines monitor his vital signs and health. Dylan is also cared for by his faithful friend Tascha, a 6-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Every morning, Tascha goes to Dylan’s […]

A Civil Ten Commandments

We need a civil Ten Commandments that tell people how to be respectful citizens in a free Republic. One of the Commandments could be something like “Thou shalt not use your rights in vain.” This would be using a stated right in such a way that the use demeans what the right protects. For instance, […]

Our soul is waiting for God

Our soul is waiting for God. Our hearts find joy in the Lord. My soul is waiting for the Lord I count on God’s word. I trust in the goodness of God forever and ever Lead me o God. I take refuge in the Lord. As for me I will sing of Your strength and […]