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Does “Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner” Work?

I have never met ANYONE who successfully demonstrated how to “love the sinner, but hate the sin.” In fact, I have only ever seen this idea put into practice as a means of self-delusion in which a person convinces himself that he is not hating the person, but merely hating the sin that person is […]

Who is “The Beloved Disciple”? What if it is YOU?

The Gospel of John is the Gospel that is read on Easter in Church. The Gospel contains a reference to a character “The Beloved Disciple” or “The one whom Jesus loved.” This person is traditionally associated with John, whom is traditionally believed to be writer of the Gospel. Other candidates have been Mary Magdalene, James […]

Being Present with God

I was at Mass last evening. It was nice. It has been a long time since I really had the opportunity to go to an evening Mass when it is dark outside and the candles and the lights create a warm, friendly, and a holy sort of glow in the sanctuary. I got to go […]

Speak your love with deeds

Working Toward A Theology of Suffering

I have always been attracted to the idea of Jesus Christ being God’s compassion since compassion means “to suffer with.” Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and God suffering with us in sharing the human condition.  But the downside of that, at least if it is left at that, is that the “Compassion” is […]

Wheat and Weeds Living Side By Side

Jesus told the crowds another story: “The Kingdom of Heaven resembles a farmer who plants high-quality seeds in his field. While he and his farmhands were sleeping that night, his chief competitor snuck into his field and planted weeds among the quality grain. When the plants began to spring up, the farmhands noticed that weeds […]

Which Apostle Would You Be?

The last time I did CPE, one of the assignments was to state which one of the twelve Apostles I was and why. Everyone went for Peter and John and whomever. I said Judas. (Apparently you’re not allowed to pick Judas). I grew up post-1960s and most of the Jesus movies after that time presented […]