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YOU ARE THE TREASURE! (The Parable of the Treasure in the Field)

But YOU are the treasure! God is the worker in the field who finds the treasure and then gives up everything else to get YOU! YOU are the motivation for God’s act of redemption!


Kill Your Expectations. Crucify Your Wants

The scene is that Peter just declared that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus tells him not to tell anyone that. Jesus then immediately begins to teach that he is going to die. Peter gets upset and chastises Jesus for saying that he would die. Jesus then rebukes Peter and says that he is behaving like an enemy and is out of line. And to put the exclamation point on the sentence, he then says the words above.

The Story of Easter is Wrong

The story of Easter is usually expressed as the story of a dead man coming back to life. If this is what it is, then the story of Easter is wrong. Easter is not a celebration of a dead man coming back to life. Yes, Jesus died. Yes, Jesus is then later alive. But it […]

Working Toward A Theology of Suffering

I have always been attracted to the idea of Jesus Christ being God’s compassion since compassion means “to suffer with.” Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and God suffering with us in sharing the human condition.  But the downside of that, at least if it is left at that, is that the “Compassion” is […]

Which Apostle Would You Be?

The last time I did CPE, one of the assignments was to state which one of the twelve Apostles I was and why. Everyone went for Peter and John and whomever. I said Judas. (Apparently you’re not allowed to pick Judas). I grew up post-1960s and most of the Jesus movies after that time presented […]

What Do Old Catholics Believe (Part 5) Conclusion

Concluding comments

What Do Old Catholics Believe (Part 4)

We believe that celibacy for those in Holy Orders is a personal decision and voluntary, not required. We believe that the practice of confession of sins before the congregation or a Priest is a Sacrament that has been passed down to us by the Catholic Church, but it is not required. We believe that the […]