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A Christian died in the streets of Boston,
     He had no home to rest his weary head.
Being more like Christ than all the lost ones
         Who securely dwell in stately homes,
         He lived on the streets through which he roamed,
     And by god’s hand, like a sparrow, was fed.


Seek First the Kingdom of God

What Jesus esssentially tells us is that what we are worrying about becomes our master, and Jesus tells us that we cannot have two masters because we will come to love one and hate the other. He tells us we cannot serve both God and money, but the money he is talking about is not simply money as it is, but money as we make it: the key to our security and our survival. Money becomes the answer to our worries — or so we think — so we seek wealth to ensure we have food and clothing and housing and medical care and all the other things we need to survive.

Which Is Harder — Compassion or Blame?

I always think how disappointed the paralyzed man must have been when Jesus declared his sins forgiven. I know we are all religious, so the sin part seems to be obvious, but the man is not brought to Jesus to be forgiven, but to be healed.

The Story of Easter is Wrong

The story of Easter is usually expressed as the story of a dead man coming back to life. If this is what it is, then the story of Easter is wrong. Easter is not a celebration of a dead man coming back to life. Yes, Jesus died. Yes, Jesus is then later alive. But it […]

Being Present with God

I was at Mass last evening. It was nice. It has been a long time since I really had the opportunity to go to an evening Mass when it is dark outside and the candles and the lights create a warm, friendly, and a holy sort of glow in the sanctuary. I got to go […]

Speak your love with deeds

Working Toward A Theology of Suffering

I have always been attracted to the idea of Jesus Christ being God’s compassion since compassion means “to suffer with.” Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and God suffering with us in sharing the human condition.  But the downside of that, at least if it is left at that, is that the “Compassion” is […]