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A Christian died in the streets of Boston,
     He had no home to rest his weary head.
Being more like Christ than all the lost ones
         Who securely dwell in stately homes,
         He lived on the streets through which he roamed,
     And by god’s hand, like a sparrow, was fed.


Salvation Has Come To This House

Salvation came to that house, not because Zacchaeus was converted, but because the crowd who hated Zacchaeus was converted. They saw who he was and changed. The lost were found because the crowd saw how they have refused to see Zacchaeus as the good man he was, but only accepted him as the bad man they decided he had to be because of his job.

What People Seem To Think Jesus Said

Feeding The “Dogs”

Jesus left from there and slipped away to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And check it out! There was a Canaanite woman that lived there. She went out to Jesus, saying things like, “Show me some compassion, Sir, Son of David! My daughter is afflicted by a demon!” Jesus just ignored her. His students […]

The Question is not “What Would Jesus Do?” But “What Are We Doing To Jesus?”

I no longer pay for good cable (if there is such a thing). The only reason that I have cable at all is because my modem costs nearly the same amount for a slower speed without cable, so I have basically network tv with a few cable channels I never watch thrown in. All that […]

Wheat and Weeds Living Side By Side

Jesus told the crowds another story: “The Kingdom of Heaven resembles a farmer who plants high-quality seeds in his field. While he and his farmhands were sleeping that night, his chief competitor snuck into his field and planted weeds among the quality grain. When the plants began to spring up, the farmhands noticed that weeds […]

Which Apostle Would You Be?

The last time I did CPE, one of the assignments was to state which one of the twelve Apostles I was and why. Everyone went for Peter and John and whomever. I said Judas. (Apparently you’re not allowed to pick Judas). I grew up post-1960s and most of the Jesus movies after that time presented […]