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YOU ARE THE TREASURE! (The Parable of the Treasure in the Field)

But YOU are the treasure! God is the worker in the field who finds the treasure and then gives up everything else to get YOU! YOU are the motivation for God’s act of redemption!


Seek First the Kingdom of God

What Jesus esssentially tells us is that what we are worrying about becomes our master, and Jesus tells us that we cannot have two masters because we will come to love one and hate the other. He tells us we cannot serve both God and money, but the money he is talking about is not simply money as it is, but money as we make it: the key to our security and our survival. Money becomes the answer to our worries — or so we think — so we seek wealth to ensure we have food and clothing and housing and medical care and all the other things we need to survive.

What People Seem To Think Jesus Said

Wheat and Weeds Living Side By Side

Jesus told the crowds another story: “The Kingdom of Heaven resembles a farmer who plants high-quality seeds in his field. While he and his farmhands were sleeping that night, his chief competitor snuck into his field and planted weeds among the quality grain. When the plants began to spring up, the farmhands noticed that weeds […]

Which Apostle Would You Be?

The last time I did CPE, one of the assignments was to state which one of the twelve Apostles I was and why. Everyone went for Peter and John and whomever. I said Judas. (Apparently you’re not allowed to pick Judas). I grew up post-1960s and most of the Jesus movies after that time presented […]

God Using Profanity

A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with a Pentecostal minister I know–or used to know. He is an Assemblies of God minister, and we were discussing the Bible as we often did, which was not always a fun thing to do because he took the stance that he was always right in […]

A Theology of “How?”

Theology for me has to be practical. I am not saying that this is how it must be for everyone. I am merely saying that this is how it must be for me. So often, Theology exists in the realm of the “Why?” but for me, Theology exists in the province of the “How?” In […]