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Seeing the Face of the King of the Universe in the Face of the Pauper — THAT Is the Judgment!

The One who has ALL Power identifies with those who have NO power. He tells us to serve Him by serving them. Perhaps this is what Christ means when He tells us that those who are faithful with little things will be faithful with a lot — those who are faithful in serving the Christ in the lowly will be faithful in serving the Christ who is King.


There’s No Alleluia in Lent!

For Sinners Only: Changing Your Life One Day At A Time — March 5

I can sometimes become obsessed with my new life as I once was with expressing my self-will and sin. I can convince myself that I have to work to get what I want or to deserve what I have. It is in those times that I have to remind myself that the work is done. […]

How To Do Lent

Traditionally, there are two paths most people take during Lent: 1) The more traditional and common one is to give something up for Lent. Some people give up chocolate, alcohol, whatever. The idea is that it is something that you not only like, but something you will miss. Remember, Lent is about purifying ourselves as […]

The Way God Chose To Go

God did not Choose to be born in the Imperial Palace, the Governor’s mansion, or King Herod’s palace–God Chose to go another way… The most important birth in the history of the world was taking place, and the most important people were not invited.